3-Year-Old Princess Charlotte Is Worth $4.3 Billion To The British Economy: A Lot More Than Her Older Brother

Date May 23, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children were welcomed to the world with the outstretched hands. Putting aside the worldwide popularity that they received from the very first minute they have been born, the little royals are set for life that many children are only dreaming of.

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Royal kids receive a lot of privileges from education, healthcare, career, and housing. But despite having a golden spoon in their mouths, they also bring money to the economy.


As it turned out, Princess Charlotte is a force to be reckoned with, as she is worth $4.3 billion to the British economy, which is a lot more than her older brother, Prince George, whose is worth around $3.2 billion.

Brand Finance communications manager Sehr Sarwar said:

These numbers are projections of what the royal children could bring the UK economy in their lifetimes, assuming they will continue to have the same positive effect

What about the newest addition to the royal family, Prince Louis? He will add around $67 million to the UK economy before his first birthday. His lifetime contribution will be calculated later.


How the royal children make the UK richer?

According to Brand Finance CEO David Haigh, the royal kids positively affect the sales of clothes and toys. In this respect, they have a similar effect as their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is believed to have a ‘Midas touch’, as it was said:

Everything she touches turns into gold.

The young royals are also responsible for the tourism activity generated by the royal family. Many visitors come to the UK hoping to spot the adorable children with their royal parents.

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This is what people think about it on Twitter:


Princess Charlotte has been a fashion influencer since her birth, as even the shawl she was wrapped in has been selling like hot pies. We will see if she catches up with her mom in the future.

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