According To Handwriting Expert, Meghan Markle's Signature Has Drastically Changed Since Becoming A Duchess

Date July 12, 2018

Meghan Markle’s life underwent many changes since she said “I do” in May. Now, pantyhose are mandatory, bright nail polish is a big no-no, and selfies are the relic of the past.


But as it turns out, her changes go beyond the place of living, beauty, fashion, and etiquette. The Duchess of Sussex recently debuted her new signature, which is very different from the one she had before.

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The signature of a duchess

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently visiting Ireland. It’s not just another trip, but their first official visit overseas as a married couple. Meghan and Harry have been having many important meetings. One of them was with the President of Ireland Michael Higgins.

While there, the newlyweds signed their names in the official guest book to commemorate their visit, and many noticed how different the Duchess Meghan’s signature looks from the one she had in the past.


Before their wedding, the royal couple signed a guest book when they visited Northern Ireland. Here’s how Meghan’s signature looked then.


See the difference?

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What hides behind the change?

According to Kathi McKnight, a certified master graphologist with 30 years of experience, a signature is a personal statement, a logo. It’s the most important thing someone could write about themselves.


Meghan’s old signature indicated that she is sentimental, emotional, and impulsive. She also showed signs of extraversion as well as the need for privacy.


But the brand new one is very different. It signals self-control and poise. According to her signature, the new Meghan is classy, elegant, and polished. She enjoys formalities and is willing to be seen for who she is. However, she covers the top of her handwriting, which shows she wants to protect herself.

What did the Twitter world think?

Despite the new status and the new title, which affected her signature, one trait hasn’t changed a slightest – Meghan’s desire to protect her emotions. It’s not surprising, considering she’s the center of media’s attention.

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