Does Princess Eugenie Have A Job? Princess Beatrice Sister 'Surprising' Career Was Revealed

Date May 28, 2018

Being 'a princess' isn't as much of a dazzling fairytale job description as it used to be.

Prince Andrew’s daughters are both princesses. Princess Anne's two children are not as well as Prince Edward's ones. Charles' children are but mainly because they are in the direct line to the throne.


Presumably, while asking for royal titles for his daughters, Prince Andrew hoped to provide incomes for them from the Sovereign Grant, which is quite a hefty sum that royals get for accomplishing their public duties. Prince Andrew asked the Queen if Beatrice and Eugenie might be remunerated in this fashion, but the monarch said “no”.

That is why Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been obliged to get actual jobs, but it had to be the jobs that allow plenty of time for holidays.

So, what is Princess Eugenie’s occupation?


The bride-to-be is believed to be working full time in London. She is a director at Hauser & Wirth, which is a contemporary art gallery. Princess Eugenie started working there in 2015 during summer as an associate director, and last year, she received a promotion.


Her sister, Princess Beatrice, is a working girl, too. At first, she worked as a research associate for her mother’s chairs Children In Crisis. It is believed she then moved on to work for an investment firm for some time, before becoming an international production analyst at Sony Pictures. After that, she started working for a New York-based computer software company.


However, the bulk of Eugenie and Beatrice’s checks are said to be family money. Will Princess Eugenie’s fiancé’s Jack Brooksbank, whom she is set to marry on 12 October, add any more cash to the family’s fortune?

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