Duchess Camilla Has Already Started Behaving Like A Queen During Her Official Visit To Greece

Date May 14, 2018

Britain's future king Prince Charles and his wife Camilla embarked on their first joint official visit to Greece on Wednesday, May 9.


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The country is believed to have mixed feelings of the British royal family, so it was time to strengthen the relationship with it. Charles told Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos at the presidential palace in Athens:

The relationship between our two countries goes back such a very long way. I know we have shared an awful lot together over many, many years.

To which Prokopis replied:

Your visit adds a very important link in this chain of friendship.

Today, the royal couple is on their second part of the tour. They are finishing their visit to Crete where they visited a local charity and the Knossos archaeological site. The pair made a stop when they visited the Commonwealth War Graves. This is when the body language expert Judi James spotted a very important hint about Camilla’s future.


James analyzed pictures of the royal couple and concluded that the Duchess of Cornwall has already started to behave in a queenly manner. She said:

Camilla's trait of standing or walking slightly ahead of Charles at times could hint at her chances of being the next Queen and even the lifted parasol adds to this rather old-fashioned regal vibe.

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Camilla emphasized her royal demeanor by the extravagant jewelry. You won’t believe how much her lavish earrings, which she was hiding under an umbrella, cost!


She was wearing Van Cleef & Arpels the Magic Alhambra Diamond earrings that cost a steep $47,000, which is more than the average salary in the UK.


The duchess has become an official member of the royal family after marrying Prince Charles in 2005. It is believed he is ready to fight for her place on the throne when he inherits it, as it was said that every king needs the queen, and Charles wants Camilla to be one.

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