Duchess Camilla Opens Up About Meghan's Family Scandal Before Wedding: 'We Wondered What Would Happen Next'

Date May 24, 2018

Before the wedding, relatives attacked Meghan Markle and the royal family with unpleasant comments, seeking for attention from the media.

Few days before the wedding, it was announced that Meghan’s dad won’t be able to be there due to health conditions, which made many wonder what would Meghan’s family do next?

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It was the question that was not only on the mind of the royal fans but the royal family members as well.


During a visit to 5 News in London on Wednesday, the Duchess of Cornwall talked about Harry and Meghan’s wedding and commented on all the drama that happened before it.


Camilla described the couple’s big day as an “uplifting” event but admitted that even the royals didn’t know “what would happen next” in an apparent reference to the family drama that was emanating in the days close to the ceremony. She said:

It was such a lovely day. Just everything went right. We all wondered whatever would happen next and then everything went right.

Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Sr., was going to walk his daughter down the aisle, but he made headlines after admitting he had staged paparazzi photos. Eventually, Thomas decided not to attend the wedding, announcing that his health prevents him from traveling to the U.K. Prince Charles was happy to step in into his shoes and walked Meghan part way down the aisle.

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Camilla added:

It’s nice to have something that is uplifting rather than depressing. Everything was just perfect, including the weather, which couldn’t have been better. It was a beautiful day.

People reacted to her words on Twitter:

On Tuesday, Meghan and Harry joined Prince Charles and Camilla for their first official appearance as a married couple.


The new Duchess of Sussex and the possible future Queen of England seemed to have a lot of fun together, as they were seen laughing and holding hands.

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