Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Are Bringing Special Baptismal Cup For Louis Christening, And It Costs A Fortune

Date July 5, 2018

The royal family is preparing for another special occasion - Prince Louis christening. The little prince, who took the fifth position in the line to the British crown, will be christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Chapel Royal on Monday.

Like the christening of Kate and William’s other children, the event will be a private family affair with some fancy additions.


There will be one extra special item specifically transported for the occasion from the Tower of London to the church. This item is a big part of the royal family's history and has been used for the last 170 years.

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Historic cup

For a very long time, almost every royal has been christened in the Lily Font. The historic item, reportedly, costs £11,000 and has a 17inch tall font, which is glided in silver. Some believe if it was sold today, it would sell for a lot more.

The stunning cup is carefully crafted out of silver guilt by silversmiths EJ and W Barnard. The edges of it are beautifully decorated with intricate flowers and ivy. The base’s sides are adorned with three large cherubs playing lyres. The cup also embellished with the joint royal arms of Victoria and Prince Albert as well as Queen Victoria’s royal arms.


Louis’ siblings were also christened with the Lily Front as well as many of his relatives.

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Special day

This special day will probably be similar to Prince George's and Princess Charlotte’s ones. The newborn royal will be baptized at the same age as his siblings were – at 3 months old.

We can be sure that the prince’s second outing will be filled with many memorable touches and significant details, which will make the day truly exceptional.

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