Extraordinary Reason Why Prince William Is Set To Make A Controversial Visit To Israel

Date June 25, 2018 16:39

For many years, the Foreign Office has been advising to the British royalty to stay away from the conflict in the Middle East, particularly in Israel. Anything the royals would decide to do is likely to be used against them by Arab or by Israeli propagandists.

So, why Prince William has decided to go against the instructions and visit Israel?

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The reason may not lie in the decision to ease the irreconcilable conflict. It is much simpler than that but no less extraordinary. The Duke of Cambridge just wants to please his granddad, Prince Philip.


In Israel lies the grave of the former Princess Alice of Greece, Prince Philip’s mother. Princess was born at Windsor Castle and passed away at Buckingham Palace but wished to be buried in Israel - a strange resting place, which, in the way, is perfect for a strange woman she was.

Alice left this world in 1969 at 84 years old. During her life, she caused quite a stir when she appeared dressed as a nun for the Queen’s Coronation. Even though her remains could have stayed at St. George's Chapel, where they were for some time, it had been her desire to be buried near her beloved aunt and mentor Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia. In 1988, her wish was finally granted.

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Prince Philip was prevented from visiting his mother’s grave until 1994 for political reasons. Although being devoted to his mom, he hasn’t been back ever since. His son, Prince Charles, made a visit once, and now, it’s Prince William’s turn.


On the weekend, the royal went on a five-day journey to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine – for the first time in his life. On the last morning of the tour, he will go to Israel’s Church of St. Mary Magdalene to pay respects to his great-grandmother.

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