Judge Judy Opens Up About Her Marriage Of 40 Years By Revealing Her Husband Has Never Seen Her Without Lipstick On

Date July 27, 2018 12:24

Everything is working well for Judge Judy. It seems that she found a perfect balance between her successful career and a happy 40-year marriage. But how she managed to do that?

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The First Try Is Not Always Lucky

To Judge Judy, her career is everything. So much so, she had to leave her first husband because he wasn’t supporting her. After giving birth to two kids, Judy realized she had to put her career on hold. But she quickly grew bored of being just a mom and a housewife – she needed more from life. So, Judy went back to studying, received her Master’s degree and got a job.


But her husband, attorney Ronald Levy, didn’t consider her career as a serious thing, so she had a choice – staying a housewife and saving her 12-year marriage or pursuing her dream. And she chose the latter.

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Looking Good Is The Key

When the happy news about the multi-season renewal of Judge Judy was announced, it sparked rumors of trouble in Judy and Jerry's Sheindlin relationship. But after listening how the TV star talks about her 84-year-old husband, it sounds that things are still pretty hot between them.


In her interview with Closer, Judy shared she is still attracted to Jerry. She said:

 I still like to see him walk into a room. He looks good.


She also added that Jerry needs to stay in shape “or else he’s out the door!” The same goes for the 75-year-old prosecution lawyer as she revealed:

 We’ve been married 40 years and he has never seen me without my hair combed or lipstick on.


Is keeping the good looks for your partner a key to a strong marriage? It seems so for Judy. Together, the couple has 5 children, who also made them grandparents to 13 grandchildren in total.

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