Long Way To Happiness: How Heartbreaking Divorce Helped Sandra Bullock Find True Love

Date July 30, 2018

Sandra Bullock is known for portraying witty, strong women, smiling on the screen in romantic comedies or fighting for what is right in dramas. But her personal life is not far from a Hollywood-scripted film.


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Despite having a turbulent time in her first marriage that ended in a terrible heartbreak, the actress managed to find true love.

Devastating Divorce

A five-year-long saga with Jesse James came to an end in the most heart-wrenching way. The West Coast Chopper owner’s infidelity broke the news and led him to claim that cheating is a “part of life.”


This was the time Sandra supposed to celebrate her Oscar win and the adoption of her first child, son Louis, whose father she considered to be Jesse.


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Feeling embarrassed, heartbroken, and blaming herself for what happened, Bullock decided to focus on her children – daughter Laila joined her brother in 2015.

Finding New Happiness

In 2015, then 51-year-old actress was spotted with a handsome man. It was a former model and a photography business owner Bryan Randall.

According to E! News, Sandra’s friends believe he is the type of man she always desired, her “soulmate”, the love of her life. Among the many wonderful qualities he has, the most important one is his skill with children, as Sandra’s kids are the biggest joy in her life.


Being a mom is Bullock’s favorite thing in the world. She never calls her beautiful kids, 8-year-old Louis and 5-year-old Laila, adopted. No matter how they came into her life, she is their mom, and they are her children.

 And no one can argue with that, as love doesn’t need to be defined or labeled.

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