Meghan Markle Arrives In Cheshire Parading Extra Classy Outfit While Accompanying The Queen

Date June 14, 2018

The new Duchess of Sussex arrived in Cheshire looking rule book-appropriate. She was parading a very modest but still extremely gorgeous cream Givenchy dress. She finished her look with black accessories and an ear-to-ear smile.


Meghan even appeared to wear clear tights – a rule Elizabeth reportedly has for all royal ladies. You’ve got to look royal-worthy when the Queen is watching!

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The 36-year-old accompanied 92-year-old monarch on their first joint visit to Cheshire. The royal pair appeared from an overnight train journey this morning, walking out on to the platform at Runcorn station.


The newest member of the royal family looked stunning, as she exchanged a few laughs with Her Majesty. Meghan’s wedding dress was also designed by Givenchy house. Perhaps, it has become her favorite designer.


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The cream dress accentuated the duchess’ lean figure, and her slim waist was highlighted by a skinny belt. She paired the outfit with a classy black high-heels and a clutch bag in the same color. Meghan clearly decided to go for more polished look beside the Queen.


What does the Twitter world think about the royal pair?

The former actress and the monarch cut the ribbon to open the bridge over the Mersey and unveiled a plaque to commemorate the event.

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Meghan Markle