Two Years After His Release From Jail, Michael Douglas Sincerely Opens Up About His Son Cameron

Date July 4, 2018 11:33

It’s been two years since Michael Douglas’ eldest son was released from prison, and recently, the 73-year-old actor spoke out about how his son is doing.


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Cameron’s release

Michael Douglas' son was released after being sentenced to prison for 7 years on drug charges. At first, he should have spent 5 years in jail for possession of heroin and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and cocaine. But later, his sentence was extended after Cameron admitted he was smuggling drugs to prison.

On the eve of his son’s sentencing, the 73-year-old actor wrote in a letter to judge, which was made public, that he thinks his family’s fame and history of substance abuse contributed to Cameron’s criminal life.

How is he now

In his interview to Us Weekly, Michael revealed that his son is ‘doing great’ two years after becoming a free man. Cameron became a father, recently welcoming a daughter Lua, which made Michael a grandfather for the first time.

Talking about Cameron’s past, Michael said:

There will be a time for him to tell his story when he's ready to.

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Showing gratitude

Recently, Cameron himself spoke publically about his experiences, saying how grateful he feels that his father and his stepmother, Catherine Zeta-Jones, never gave up on him. After serving his sentence, the 39-year-old said that the relationship with his family became even better than they were before.

Cameron proved that hard times can strengthen the bonds between people, and luckily, his family never turned their back on him.

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