Prince Harry's Friend Beats World Record Cycling Across America To Make It To Royal Wedding

Date May 15, 2018

The royal wedding is almost about to start. The preparations have already begun, and the excitement is rising with every minute!

As the guests start to arrive in the UK, there is one person Prince Harry is hoping to see – his old friend from military training, who was cycling across America at the time when he received an invitation.

Dean Scott had a mission. He embarked on a challenge to cycle the length of South and North America. The journey should have taken 110 days. He began his adventure on February 1 before the invitations were sent out.

But halfway through the journey, he found out that Prince Harry wants him to witness how he and his bride will be walking down the aisle, Scott was extremely motivated to speed up.

That was my new motivation. I surprised myself really. It’s a bit surreal still.

Dean Stott not only finished just in time for the wedding — he also beat the Guinness World Record by 18 days!

The amateur cyclist admitted the challenge was “one of the hardest things” he’s ever done:

After over two years of training, I’m delighted to have not only finished but broken the Guinness World Record. There were definitely moments where I thought I couldn’t finish but the support has helped me make it to the finish line.

The new world record holder came to the finish line in 99 days. He started cycling after having an injury that affected his running ability. It was Prince Harry who inspired him to do the challenge.

People reacted to his incredible journey on Twitter:

Scott also wanted to raise more than £1 million ($1.36 million) for charities focused on mental health. He said:

Thanks to people like Prince Harry and the Heads Together charity partners, mental health is being spoken about much more and I hope by doing this, I have been able to inspire even more people to speak out and get the help they need.

Dean Scott is now excited to see his wife and two children earlier than planned. He jokes his wife would have divorced him if they had to miss the royal wedding.

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