Prince William Will Put An End To The Most Controversial Debate That Has Been Tearing Up Britain During His Trip To Israel

Date June 26, 2018 12:55

The Duke of Cambridge is currently on the historic and quite sensitive trip to the Middle East. William’s appearance marks the first time the senior member of the royal family travels to the region. The trip promises to be special in many ways, and the duke will finally settle the most controversial debate ever posed.

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It doesn’t concern Israeli and Palestinian lands, as many would think. It is rather about the proper way of eating a scone.

As Prince William arrived in Tel Aviv, he was taken to the King David Jerusalem Hotel where he was presented with a delightful treat from his homeland – a pile of freshly made scones, cream, and strawberry jam. In this way, the hotel director of operations decided to put an end to a big debate that has been tearing up England for ages – should you put the cream or the jam on your scones first?

The scone debate is something the royal family is very familiar with. Previously, William’s father, Prince Charles, quizzed a little boy, as he saw him putting cream first then jam on top, which is how people in Devon prefer to do.

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In Cornwall, it’s quite the opposite, as scones are eaten with jam first. Darren McGrady, a royal chef who has been preparing meals for the royal family from 1982 to 1991, claimed that Buckingham Palace inhabitants always put jam first, adding that this is how the Queen likes her scones to be topped with.

Prince William is not the first royal who traveled to Israel, as Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh have been there before on private trips. But this visit is quite significant because it is made at the request of the UK government.

So, tell us, do you eat your scones the Queen’s way?

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