Queen Is Refusing To Have Surgery On Her Knees For A Very Awe-Worthy Reason

Date July 2, 2018 14:27

The Queen’s health has been under a big question lately. Previously, Her Majesty missed an important appointment due to feeling “under the weather”, which raised many concerns among the loyal royal family fans.

But the Queen’s dedication to her duties is beyond inspiring!

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Incredible bravery

It was reported that Her Majesty has been struggling with knee pain, which has gotten worth with time, thus creating difficulties for her in getting up after sitting.


However, the monarch is refusing to have a surgery. It is believed Elizabeth is feeling reluctant to have an operation because a recovery time will make her miss many royal engagements. What a brave woman!


At 92, the Queen is known for her good health. Her husband, Prince Philip, is quite the same, although he has retired from his royal duties. Their son, Prince Andrew, once revealed that his mother still rides her Fell ponies at Windsor and drives, saying she is very fit for her age.


We definitely can’t argue with that. Even though Her Majesty doesn’t travel overseas anymore, leaving long-distance engagements for younger royals, she is still very dedicated to the Crown and can boast a busy schedule filled with different events she is expected to attend.

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Her Majesty is a brave lady and is setting a great example for the younger royals.

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