Sarah Ferguson And Her Daughters Break Royal Protocol But For A Good Reason!

Date November 16, 2018

The royal family has a long list of strict protocol rules. But as it turns out, those rules are being broken all the time, especially when emotions come to play.


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The Duchess of York gave her Instagram followers a feast for the eyes, as she posted a beautiful painting by Teddy M. The talented artist got inspired by the most wonderful, warm, and forgiving feeling – the feeling of love.

The gorgeous print has the four-letter word painted in red in the middle of bold, bright-orange heart, which is surrounded by sweet messages, like ‘create moments of happiness'.

The masterpiece hides something very special. The print is signed not only by its creator, Teddy M, but also by Sarah Ferguson and her lovely daughters, daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.


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According to the royal protocol, members of the royal family are not meant to sign their autograph for fears of fraud. But this is a special occasion, as the painting was created in support of charity Children in Crisis – a cause the duchess is very passionate about. It’s safe to say it is worth breaking a little rule for it.


Sarah captured the painting with:

Thank you Teddy M for working on this amazing painting for @childrenincrisis and congratulations on creating one of @teddysphotos art guitars #art #music.

The post comes just days after Fergie was recognized for her humanitarian work with the charity at the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival in Cagliari.

Good job, Sarah!

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