Karen Pence Shows She Has A Kind Heart, As She Comforts Guatemalan Children After Being Brutally Criticized For Dress

Date July 2, 2018 11:26

Mike Pence’s wife Karen made the news again owing not for fashion choices but for her kind heart.

The dress fiasco

Previously, the second lady created a massive backlash on Twitter for wearing 'too short and tight' dress when meeting Jordan’s royalty King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan.

Karen’s black and pink dress was harshly denounced with people urging the Vice President to get his wife a stylist. The outfit looked very different from classy Queen Rania’s one, which made many people think Karen appeared ‘inappropriate’ sitting next to her.

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Visit to Guatemala

But on the trip to Guatemala, no one cared about how Mike Pence’s wife looked. Rather, people were impressed with her kind actions. Karen comforted Guatemalan children who became homeless after a volcanic eruption.

She and the Vice President met the families displaced after the Volcano of Fire erupted, taking lives of 112 people. Karen was photographed hugging a little boy, who no longer has a home. The second lady was wearing simple white shirt and black slacks.

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What people thought

What do you think? Did Karen rehabilitate herself after the dress fiasco?

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