Melania Trump Heads Back To The Mexican Border After Her 'I Don't Really Care, Do U' Jacket Fiasco

Date June 29, 2018 13:21

The First Lady is currently on her border tour. She started her day with a trip to Tucson and then moved to Phoenix.

CBS News / YouTube

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A trip to the border

Melania Trump was met by a crowd of protesters at a migrant facility in Phoenix. The people brought a giant balloon-figure that looked like the president, which was seen towering over them like an omen.

Dozens of people were waiting for Melania holding signs that urged Donald Trump to ‘free the parents and children’. Some daredevils even called for him to be impeached.

CBS News / YouTube

When the First Lady’s motorcade started leaving, the protesters chased after but were stopped by police.

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No controversial fashion choices

On Melania’s second trip to the border, her outfit was thought through a little bit better. The people are still talking about her controversial green jacket from Zara that had a slogan 'I really don't care, do u' on the back, which sparked a lot of criticism.


This time, the First Lady opted for a classic look – a simple back shirt and white slacks, which she paired with black flats.

CBS News / YouTube

How people reacted to Melania’s visit to the border?

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