Mike Tindall Reveals How Daughter Mia Has Adjusted To Being A Big Sister

Date July 5, 2018 11:53

Being parents to two beautiful daughters definitely suits Mike and Zara Tindall, who have been married since 2011. Just recently, the couple attended the Celebrity Cup gold tournament with 4-year-old Mila, their eldest daughter. But how does Mia feel about becoming a big sister?


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When Lena was born

Princess Anne's daughter and her husband introduced baby Lena Elizabeth to the world on June 18. The name is quite unusual, mixing modern and traditional in one.


After announcing it, Mike decided to let everyone know the correct way to pronounce the name, writing on Twitter:

Pronounced like Lay-na.

Even though the baby girl is nineteenth in the line to the British crown, she already made history as the heaviest royal baby born in recent years. The precious little girl weighed 9lbs 3oz, beating the heaviest royal male in over a century – Prince William and Kate’s newborn son Prince Louis, who weighed 8lbs 7oz.


It seems that little Lena inherited her parent’s strengths as both of them have sports path.

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Becoming a big sister

Having a new baby in the family might not be easy for other children. But looks like Zara and Mike’s eldest daughter is coping really well with changes. Mike revealed that Mia is loving being a big sister; however, her feelings might be influenced by a bunch of presents she got from family’s friends and well-wishers.


He said:

We are lucky that people that have sent Lena a present have also thought about Mia, so she is getting stuff to open as well.

If the kids are happy, what more parents could want, right?

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