Painfully Tragic Yet Extremely Romantic Love Story Of Iconic Hollywood Couple Natalie Wood And Robert Wagner

Date July 26, 2018

Natalie Wood was one of the Hollywood’s brightest stars. She is mostly known for her incredible performance in the musical West Side Story, where he portrayed Maria. The famous role propelled her to the stardom and made her one of the most recognizable actresses of all times

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She had a successful career behind her and a happy life with her beloved husband, but an untimely death ended her plans. Despite that, Wood was lucky enough to find her soulmate with whom she was destined to be with.

A complicated yet beautiful love story

The actress met her future husband, Robert Wagner, when she was only 10 years old. From just one look, she knew he is the one, as she proclaimed to her mother that she will marry him. And so she did, twice.


First time in 1957, the 19-year-old Natalie Wood married 27-year-old Robert Wagner in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their marriage didn’t last very long, as the couple divorced in 1962. Years later, Wood told People:

We knew each other better than we knew ourselves. I always knew he was okay. It was myself I didn't know about.

Time has passed, both dated, both re-married, but destiny brought them together again. In 1971, when Wood separated from her husband Richard Gregson, she started talking on the phone with Wagner. Next year, when the divorce became official, the two rekindled their romance.


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Wood and Wagner married again in 1972 in a private ceremony that took place aboard a 55-foot yacht. Then, in 1981, Natalie was gone. She was only 43 years old when she died from “drowning and other undetermined factors."


What is Robert Wagner doing now?

Robert Wagner is now 88. He still appears on TV, and his recent work Donna's Inferno is set to premiere on Halloween 2018. Wagner still mourns the loss of his wife. In one of his interviews, he said:

I don’t think anyone ever gets over the loss of a loved one. It’s always with you. When Natalie died I thought my life was over. Natalie was such a special, wonderful woman.


The couple had one child together, daughter Courtney Wagner, who was born in 1974. But they also both had children from other marriages.

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