Princess Charlotte Copies Her Great-Grandmother’s Fashion Rule, And It’s Adorable

Date July 19, 2018

It’s known by many that the Queen of England has a very strict fashion rule. For years, the monarch has been seen making everyone smile in her bright outfits, which she always pairs with black footwear.


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The reason for that is very simple. June Kenton, who is in charge of fitting Her Majesty for her corsetiere, explained to Glamour Magazine that the Queen has a lot on her mind, and she can’t start thinking what color of shoes to choose, so she always turns to a trusty black.

But it looks like her great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, has started following her rule, too.

Little copycat

At just three-years-old, little Prince Charlotte has a lot in common with her great-grandma. From the physical resemblance to her love for horses – the little royal was dubbed as the Queen’s Mini-Me.


But there appears to be another detail that connects the two together. Her Majesty and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter seem to have the same fashion sense, as the two always wear the same shoes!


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Throughout many years, the Queen was spotted wearing her Anello & Davide classic leather shoes on numerous public outings. And just like her great-grandma, Princess Charlotte has been wearing her favorite pair by Spanish brand Dona Carmen on many occasions as well.


Following the Queen

This is not the first time little Charlotte copies the Queen. During the Trooping The Colour celebrations, many royal watchers witnessed an adorable moment when the youngster followed Her Majesty’s lead.

The cute child was first seen clapping, but when she spotted her great-grandma waving to the crowd, she decided to do the same.


Prince Charlotte’s actions are very understandable, the Queen is surely a great example to follow!

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