Tom Hanks' Son Chet Reveals How His Famous Parents Supported Him On His Sober Journey

Date July 9, 2018 11:57

Many children of famous people break under the spotlight and let their addictions ruin their lives. Tom Hanks’ son Chet was one of them. But he decided to put an end to an existence alternated by cocaine and crack, and he did it for the most important people in his life – his loving family, who stayed with him through all ups and downs.

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Battling with addiction

Chet had grown up unable to come out of the shadow of his parents’ success. For years, he had struggled with substance abuse and addictions. In 2015, the musician decided to stop and go to rehab.

Now, the 27-year-old says he’s clean and sober, and it’s all thanks to one big change that was about to happen in his life – the birth of his child.

It was the prospect of having a kid, and I knew that in nine months there's gonna be a baby here. That gave me the motivation to be like, 'OK, I've had my time now, and I need to move on.

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A helping hand from parents

All through his sobriety journey, Chet’s famous parents were on his side. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson gave all the love and support they could to their eldest son.

They couldn't be more supportive. Every step of the way… They've always been there for me and I'm really lucky.

Chet also revealed that they love to be grandparents to his daughter Michaiah, who was born in April 2016, and offer to babysit her “all the time.”

What do people think?

These days, Chet acts and raps on Empire, and he is very proud of himself for changing his life and stepping out of the wrong path. Well done, Chet!

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