Homeless Royals? Members Of The Royal Family Were Forced To Find Another Place To Live

Date July 20, 2018 15:04

Buckingham Palace has been an official royal London residence since 1837. Up to this day, it is the centerpiece of the UK’s constitutional monarchy and one of the most recognized places in Britain.

Buckingham Palace is not only a venue for many royal events and ceremonies, it is also a place that the royal family calls “home.”

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Goodbye, Buckingham Palace

Unfortunately, some of the royal family members had to leave it. The Queen’s children Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, as well as his wife Sophie, were forced to move out of Buckingham Palace, while it undergoes a raft of repairs.


The much-needed maintenance work, which starts from April 2019, will be done at the East Wing that features the world’s famous balcony on which all the members of the royal family appear every year.


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Many royals, including Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, have their private apartments as well as private offices there. During the repair time, they will be accommodated at nearby St. James's Palace.


All 10,000 works of art that are the part of the Royal Collection were also moved for the time of renovations.

Will Princess Beatrice move too?

It was previously stated that Princess Beatrice will move out of St. James’s Palace soon. Currently, her father, Prince Andrew, pays rent for the apartment there, which estimates about £20,000.


Because Beatrice spends a lot of time in New York, it’s highly unlikely he will continue paying. Only full-time royals can live in the palace without the need to pay for rent.

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