Why Camilla Parker Bowles' Parents Didn't Like The Idea Of Their Daughter Marrying Prince Charles?

Date July 20, 2018 18:09

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles had a scandalous romance that many people still frown upon. Today, they are happily married, but when their affair was made public, they had to face an avalanche of criticism coming from every corner.


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Camilla had to get used to being called the “third person” in Princess Diana and Prince Charles' marriage for quite some time. When Camilla and the Queen’s eldest son decided to tie the knot after years of living with the notion that nobody approves of their relationship, it wasn’t surprising that many people didn’t like that idea, including Camilla’s parents.

Disapproving parent

When it comes to the Duchess of Cornwall's mother, Rosalind Shand, she was described as a sweet woman. Not much is known about her position towards her daughter’s second marriage.


But Camilla’s dad, Major Bruce Shand, who was a “shy man” despite having a high rank in the military, had something to say about his daughter’s love affair.


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When Camilla and Charles rekindled their romance, Major Shand wasn’t a big fan of his future son-in-law. In fact, according to The Guardian, he even had a private “dad talk” with Charles, accusing him of “ruining his daughter’s life” and even reducing him to tears.


But with time, Major Bruce Shand softened towards the Prince of Wales, and even once noted that Charles will make “a perfect king.

The Queen’s opinion

The Queen wasn’t exactly happy about her son’s second marriage either. And she let everyone know about it by appearing only at the reception and the chapel, not the ceremony. She also talked only about the horse races, not saying a word about the newlyweds.


Well, she did call Camilla “a wicked woman” after all. But it seems that now the Duchess of Cornwall has earned her place on the royal balcony as well as in the hearts of the royal family members.

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