America's Second Princess: Is Meghan Markle Modern Grace Kelly?

Date May 24, 2018 11:34

After marrying Prince Harry on Saturday, Meghan Markle officially became a royal, and now she is known as the Duchess of Sussex. Just like Grace Kelly, Meghan was an American actress, who married into the royal family. But the two women share more than one might think.


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The outsider

The 36-year-old Meghan Markle is not your typical princess. To be precise, she’s not a princess at all, but it hardly matters to most. She’s American, divorced, and biracial, which already puts her in the ‘outsider’ position.


Anna Whitelock, the royal historian at Royal Holloway, University of London, said:

Meghan is an outsider (in the royal family), and I think that's only a good thing. She has a unique perspective.

Grace Kelly was 26 when she married Prince of Monaco. She struggled to feel accepted by Monaco's high society and some of the royal family members.


Royal historian Carolyn Harris said:

Grace Kelly came up against the established traditions that existed in Monaco. Both as a foreigner and as an actress, she found she inadvertently offended people.

The difference between the two women in this respect is that Meghan follows the footsteps of her husband’s mother, Princess Diana, who modernized the British royal family.

The humanitarian

Grace Kelly occupied herself with charity work in the years after she got married. She fought for children’s rights, became president of Monaco's Red Cross, and frequently visited orphanages and hospitals.


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In 2015, Meghan was named the UN Women's Advocate for Political Participation and Leadership. A year later, she became a global ambassador for World Vision. She made a trip to Rwanda to see how the charity impacts clean water.

Although Grace Kelly did all her charitable work on her own, Meghan is joined by her husband, Prince Harry, to tackle the world’s biggest problems.


This is what people think about the similarities between the actresses on Twitter:


Grace and Meghan both are strong and independent women. The main difference between them is that Markle seems to be very well-equipped for her role. She has entered a new world with the open eyes, and now she is revolutionizing it, just like Princess Diana did.

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