Duchess Kate Is Friends And Equals With The Queen – But Meghan Is Not, Expert Reveals

Date June 26, 2018

Megan and Kate, both 36, have joined the rows of the British royal family members, but many people wonder what kind of relationship they have with the Queen.


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First Outing With Her Majesty

The new Duchess of Sussex recently joined the monarch on their first official trip together, soon after her wedding to Prince Harry. The pair seemed to enjoy spending time with each other as they were seen giggling and chatting throughout the whole trip.

Duchess Kate’s first trip with Her Majesty came almost a year after she became an official member of the royal family. Though the different treatment could look like a snub for the Duchess of Cambridge, actually, the situation may be totally different.


What Does The Body Language Say?

Body language expert Judi James explained:

 Kate has always been a 'duck to water' in terms of her royal body language displays, and the fact that she had known William for years and had more access to role models for her new role emerged strongly in her non-verbal behavior with the Queen.

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During her first joint trip with the monarch in 2012, Kate was fully prepared for a tricky situation.

 She managed to pull off the challenging trick of walking slightly behind the monarch but without looking diminished or uncomfortable and this was probably down to her time spent doing the same with William before their engagement. Her ability to do this allowed her to manage her communications with the Queen to the point where the two women look like friends and almost equals.

What about Meghan? According to Judi, the Duchess of Sussex appeared to look less relaxed and seemed to have a lower status with the Queen. Because she was thrown into her royal duties, it made her learn everything on the go, which may have created “a very different balance between her and the Queen.

With Kate, the monarch looks totally in tune when Meghan seems to try really hard to make a good impression. Prince William’s wife appears to have more “woman-to-woman” relationship, while Prince Harry’s wife looks more like a grandchild seeking for approval.

What Do People Think?

Even though their dynamics is different, the Queen seems to be very fond of her granddaughters-in-law.

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