Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Served Guests Their 7-Year-Old Wedding Cake At Prince Louis' Christening

Date July 12, 2018

The British royal family has many christening traditions. From the special Baptismal water to the christening gown – the day honors the history that has started ages ago. On Monday, Prince Louis has become a part of it.


Little Louis took part in a special celebration that honors many unique traditions. Most of them sound reasonable, but some can come across as a little strange.

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The 7-year-old cake

Guests who got to enjoy Prince Louis’ christening were served tea and a fruitcake. But it wasn’t just any fruitcake. The delicious treat was originally baked and served for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011.

While it is an American custom to preserve the top tier of the wedding cake to eat on the first anniversary, the British tradition dictates that the wedding cake should be served every time the child of the couple is christened.


Kate and William’s fruitcake is actually older than their eldest child, Prince George, who is turning 5 this month. Now, the proud royal parents have gotten the pleasure of eating their wedding cake at four separate occasions!


The delicious creation was made by Fiona Cairns. It featured 17 individual fruit cakes and had eight tiers. The cake was decorated with delicate flowers and leaves.


The baked goodness was not the only recycled item at Prince Louis' christening. The gown in which little Prince was baptized was previously worn by his siblings.

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People are confused

Have you ever eaten a 7-year-old cake?

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Prince Louis