How Sarah Ferguson Rebuilt Her Life And Relationship With The Royal Family

Date July 3, 2018 14:10

Sarah Ferguson knows a thing or two about living a lavish life. Except now she manages to do it without the help of her former husband, Prince Andrew. After her dramatic exit from the royal family, Fergie took her life in her own hands and rebuilt her net worth and relationship with royals. But how did she do it?


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Not A Royal Anymore

In 1992, the Duke and Duchess of York announced they were no longer an item. The reason for their separation was, reportedly, because Prince Andrew spent a lot of time on his royal duties and not with his wife.


Just one month later, shocking news hit the royal family. The photographs of Sarah sunbathing topless in St. Tropez with her financial adviser, who appeared to be sucking her toes, emerged for everyone to see. Fergie was staying at Balmoral when she came across the images in the morning while having breakfast. That was the moment when her relationship with her in-laws, particularly the Duke of Edinburgh, ended.

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Fergie’s Net Worth

Before marrying into the royal family, Sarah Ferguson worked in the public relations firm in London. After her divorce from Prince Andrew, Fergie still receives a little over $19,800 (£15,000) a year from the royals.

2010 was the roughest year for the Duchess as she was going to declare bankruptcy. But it was reported that the royal family stepped in and helped her out.


The Duchess found ways to make a living. After being criticized for her weight, Fergie collaborated with Weight Watchers, who not only helped her shed some pounds but earn some money as well. Fergie also worked with Avon and Wedgwood. In addition, she wrote a few books as well.


In the recent years, Fergie focused more on charity work, starting a non-profit organization with her daughters called Key to Freedom, which helps Indian women sell goods at British retailer, Topshop.

Rebuilding The Relationship

Fergie was snubbed by royals many times at official events. But she managed to get into their good books as she was present at the recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


It is believed she will be also sitting beside her former husband at her daughter’s own royal wedding in October. Way to go, Fergie!

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