Princess Diana Suffered Bride’s Worst Nightmare That Almost Ruined Her Wedding Dress Just Before Ceremony

Date May 18, 2018

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s royal wedding 36 years ago was one of the most watched TV broadcasts ever. 500 people and a global television audience of 750 million got to enjoy the couple saying their vows. The most attention got the beautiful wedding dress that since then has become legendary.


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But only a handful of people knew that the dress, as well as the whole wedding, could have been ruined by the secret wardrobe malfunction.

19-year-old Diana was very nervous on her special day, as all brides are, especially as the time got closer to the moment when she had to walk down the aisle to Prince Charles.

But while the bride may have looked stunning and flawless as she appeared in her beautiful dress, the truth is it was just moments before she almost ruined her famous outfit.

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Seconds before walking down the aisle, the Princess of Wales tried to apply a final spritz of her favorite perfume, Quelques Fleurs, but the lid of it was loose, so she spilled an entire bottle on her wedding dress.

Diana’s makeup artist, Barbara Daly, tried to clean the dress in panic, but the large stain didn’t go away. So she suggested holding the dress by the stained area as though she were lifting it up to avoid stepping on it.

And the trick worked just like magic!

But it wasn’t the only thing that went wrong that day. The nervous bride accidentally got her groom's name wrong when saying vows and called him "Philip Charles" instead of "Charles Philip."

Diana wasn’t the only one who messed up her vows. Prince Charles accidentally changed a bit of the wording. Instead of offering his future wife "my worldly goods," he said the slightly more eyebrow-raising, "thy goods."

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