Behavioral Expert Reveals What Hides Behind Meghan's "Fidgeting Hands" And "Polite Smile"

Date June 14, 2018 18:02

At first glance, the Duchess of Sussex seemed to be getting on really well with the Queen. She was all smiles looking gorgeous in her cream Givenchy dress when she accompanied the monarch for their first joint engagement on Thursday.

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However, the new royal seemed a little bit less interested in the conversation of a local official who was sitting next to her when the former actress made her appearance with the Queen. Meghan was seen "fidgeting" with her hands quite a lot during the opening of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge in Cheshire.


 A leading behavioral expert opened up a door to what Meghan's body language suggested she was feeling at the event.

Possibly, she is a bit bored


Meghan was spotted playing with her earring, tugging at her dress, touching her hair – all within the space of just a few seconds. According to British psychotherapist Toby Ingham, this possibly shows the newlywed is feeling a bit bored.

Her facial expressions are enthusiastic, but then, it appears her concentration and interest fades. She is distracted by where to place her bag. Her busy fidgety hands may be giving away this lack of interest.

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She might be missing her companion


However, body language expert Judi James thinks a little bit differently. Judi suggests that Meghan’s fidgeting might indicate that she misses her husband, Prince Harry.

Meghan is normally so confident with her body language, so it was endearing to see her looking less assured with the Queen.  I think partly, she might have been missing Harry because a lot of body language rituals with him are quite reassuring.

She feels relaxed with the Queen


Judi James also stated that the former actress and the monarch seemed to look quite relaxed in each other’s company. The monarch was clearly enjoying spending time with her new granddaughter-in-law.

They were very relaxed. At one point, they were giggling like teenagers together. The Queen looked delighted to be with her.

All in all, Meghan did very well on her first solo engagement with Her Majesty. She has become a true royal!

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