Chip Gaines Reveals How His Right-Hand Man Shorty Has Been Holding Up Since The End Of 'Fixer Upper'


August 23, 2018 09:24 By Fabiosa

Since the very first episode of 'Fixer Upper', which aired in May 2013, the husband-and-wife tandem from Waco, Texas has helped many people to create the homes of their dreams. Now, when the show has come to an end, loyal fans start to miss people who worked on it.

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What happened to Shorty?

After five successful seasons and many unforgettable moments, Chip Gaines and long-time friend Saul "Shorty" Sanchez are still good pals. Recently, Chip revealed to one of the ‘Fixer Upper' fans how Shorty is doing since the show ended in April.


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One follower tweeted:

I really miss Shorty from Fixer Upper. I hope he’s living his best life.

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Chip was quick to assure that Shorty is doing great, in fact, better than ever. He said:

Have no fear!!" he said. "My brother @shortymsanchez is living not only 'his' but THE best life.

Shorty had been Chip’s right-hand man on the series. Their friendship was genuine, as they were often spotted goofing around together.

Satisfied fan

After receiving Chip’s comment, the follower was happy to hear the news. She said:

I love to hear that! He deserves the best!

One of the fans went even further asking if Shorty is married.

Just like many other series’ favorites, the ' Fixer Upper’ family will always be in Chip and Joanna’s hearts as well as the hearts of their followers.

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