Michael Jackson’s Support Helped David Rothenberg Survive And Find Inspiration After His Father Tried To Kill Him


September 24, 2018 15:04 By Fabiosa

A lot of artists talk about struggles in their lives, but a few knew about a struggle more than David Rothenberg. He was only a 6-year-old boy when his father tried to set him on fire.


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When his parents separated, they faced a long custody battle, which David’s father, Charles Rothenberg, believed he was losing. So Charles decided to take his son on a trip to California where he planned to commit a terrible crime.


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After an argument with his estranged wife, Charles gave his son a sleeping pill, poured kerosene on him and set the little boy on fire. David suffered third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body, but despite that, he survived. A year after the fire, he met a person who changed his life.

Friends with the superstar

Dave didn’t remember how the meeting with Michael Jackson took place, but the two became friends right away. Rothenberg commented:

I wanted to meet him, and he wanted to meet me, and that just turned into a lifelong relationship that never ended. It was amazing being friends with Michael Jackson. He was an amazing person.

The King of Pop continued to show his support to his new friend for the next 30 years. When 19-year-old Dave started taking interest in art, Michael Jackson was his number one fan. Soon Dave’s interest turned into his profession, and he began making his name known in the visual art world.


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When the music legend passed away, Rothenberg came to his funeral and spoke there.

Grateful for the emotional support and friendship, he called Michael Jackson a father he never had.


Sadly, David Rothenberg died on July 15, at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. He was 42 years old.

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