Princess Diana And Duchess Sarah Had A Very Complicated Relationship, But How Has It All Started?

Date July 25, 2018

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana’s relationship went through many metamorphoses. They were best friends, worst enemies, moreover, they were even related. As it turned out, both royal ladies had a connection to the royal bloodline thanks to their ancestors, which means they are distant cousins.

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Being connected on so many levels, it’s no wonder a firm bond developed between the two. But Sarah and Diana had a turbulent relationship until the very end.

Inevitable meeting

Diana and Sarah’s meeting was written in the stars. It was inevitable for two women to bump into each other even before they joined the royal family.

Their mothers attended the same school so Diana and Sarah knew each other since adolescence. However, two royal brides became close in 1980, when Sarah was 21 and Diana was 19. They shared a circle of friends and the same interests, which helped them bond quickly.

Friends and rivals

The relationship between the two became even closer when Diana married Prince Charles. Sarah was Diana’s confidant, and Diana was like a younger sister to Sarah. Also, the Princess of Wales played a cupid as she introduced Sarah to her future husband, Prince Andrew.


As Sarah and Andrew’s romance deepened, Diana offered all support she could to help Fergie integrate into the royal family. Nonetheless, despite being best friends, two young women were sensitive and insecure, which led them to turn into rivals.


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When Sarah married Prince Andrew, she managed to woo every single member of the royal family. Later, Diana revealed to her biographer that Sarah left her “feeling like dirt.” But the unhappiness in their marriages brought the two royal women together again, strengthening their relationship.

Falling out

Sarah and Diana stopped speaking in 1996. The Duchess of York claimed she had no idea why that happened, but many believed she didn’t like the comment on her in the autobiography.


The Princess of Wales passed away before the two had a chance to reconcile. But the Duchess still thinks that with time, they would have become best friends again.

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