Shannen Doherty Couldn’t Hold Her Emotions While Speaking About Her Battle With Cancer: 'My Whole Life Has Been About This Battle'

Date September 17, 2018

Shannen Doherty has never hidden away behind the Hollywood smile. The Charmed star has always been open about her battle with cancer, which she documented on social media.


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Doherty’s fans have seen it all – heartbreaking tears, long surgeries, and inevitable hair loss. Recently, the actress had a reconstructive surgery and she was candid about this latest challenge, as well. Now, the 47-year-old is ready to share her struggles with anyone who would listen.

The latest interview

Doherty had her first interview since being diagnosed with cancer in 2015. The actress is finally returning to the TV, and she decided to open up about the difficulties she faced to Good Morning America’s hosts.

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Shannen went through chemo, radiation, and surgeries, and she shared a part of the devastating experience on Instagram.

I know sharing helped me, because when I got back, these beautiful stories from other people, what they were going through...Giving me hope, and support, and love, it really helped. It's truly a family. There's something so beautiful about the journey.


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Doherty praised her husband, mother, and friends for giving her support she desperately needed. Despite everything that happened, she believes it made her a better person.

I think it made me a better actor, I also think it made me a better human being.

Fans’ reaction

Doherty has been on remission since 2017. Her latest work includes a movie remake titled No One Would Tell where she portrays a single mom, whose teenage daughter ends up in an abusive relationship.

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