Meghan Markle Broke Royal Tradition As She Wasn’t Able To Let Go Of Prince Harry's Arm In Prince Louis’ Christening Photos

Date July 16, 2018

Just recently, the new Duchess of Sussex was harshly denounced for always “clinging” to Prince Harry. Social media was enraged at the way Meghan has been showing her affection to her husband by constantly holding his hand and touching him.


But could she be breaking a royal tradition by doing so on some formal occasions?


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Prince Louis’ christening

On Monday, July 9, little Prince Louis was the center of attention. The day marked a milestone for a little royal, who was baptized at the Chapel Royal. Most members of the royal family arrived to share the special day with the proud parents and their adorable son.


Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry were among the attendees looking all smiley and delighted. The former actress sported a gorgeous olive green ensemble with a matching hat and shoes.

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Breaking the tradition

The christening of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child was marked by stunning official photographs. On them, Duchess Meghan was pictured doing something that hasn’t been done before in royal christening pictures.

On the prim and proper photos, Meghan is seen slipping her arm through her husband’s arm. It doesn’t come as a surprise for those who have been following the couple for a long time. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex often indulge in PDA, which is not usually seen among the royal couples.

Meghan’s move was quite unusual for official royal photographs, which portray the royals standing tall and not having any interactions with people standing near them.

Twitter world’s reaction

Do you think Meghan should have obeyed the royal tradition or stayed true to herself?

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