Why Meghan Markle Chooses To Wear Dresses With Pockets? Royal Historian Reveals The Reason

Date August 6, 2018

Duchess Meghan has surely become the person of the year. Everyone and their dog are talking about her, particularly about her fashion choices.


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After becoming a part of the royal family, Meghan had to refine her style, making it more royal-worthy. But, it still has that modern touch that many people love. After all, it makes her clothes look wearable. Maybe, this is why every single outfit the Duchess chooses to wear gets sold out in a second.


But, there is something that connects most of Meghan’s dresses, and it is pockets. Does she carry something in them or it is just her fashion statement? Royal expert reveals the answer.

Pocket lover

When visiting the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition in London, Meghan appeared in a stylish pale pink dress with pockets. For the Sentebale Polo in Windsor, she chose a denim dress, also with pockets.


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Do you remember the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first appearance in Dublin? Meghan stepped out from the airplane wearing a stunning dark green dress, which, you guessed it, also featured pockets.


A royal historian, Dr. Carolyn Harris, shared with her thoughts on the matter. According to her, Meghan’s love for pockets might be hiding a message.

By wearing dresses with pockets frequently, the Duchess of Sussex may be exerting subtle pressure on the fashion industry to create more dresses with pockets, allowing women to have the option of fashion that is functional as well as decorative.

So it’s very likely those pockets carry Meghan’s personal belonging. Who said fashion can’t be practical?

Another little trick

There is another thing we can learn from the clever Duchess. She is often seen wearing oversized shoes, but why?


Many people suggest it’s the best way to avoid blisters. A lot of celebrities do the same thing, but have you ever tried to walk in shoes that are too big for you?

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Meghan Markle