Black Girls Kicked Out Of Aquarium Gift Shop: “Yours Are Not Welcome Here. Get Out”

Date August 15, 2018 15:26

Racism still prevails in modern America. A recent research showed that percentage of Americans who think that racism is a big problem nowadays has increased by 8 percent in the past two years.

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The most awful consequence of racist behavior is when it affects the young minds, traumatizing them for years. The recent incident like that happened in New Jersey.

Kicked out of the shop

An employee in an aquarium gift shop kicked out a group of African-American girls. The story was shared on Facebook by the group’s program director, Attiyya Barrett. Several girls entered the gift shop but they were told they were not welcome there. Barrett posted about the incident on social media and her post quickly became viral. She wrote:

My girls went inside the gift shop @jenkinsonaquarium and we were racially profiled and discriminated against!

Barrett said that a female shop worker told the girls they can’t be there without a chaperone, even though another group of white girls was in the shop without one. When they returned with their camp counselor, the same worker said, according to Barrett:


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The girls were deeply hurt and ran off the store in tears. Attiyya writes:

 I had to explain to 40 girls that they are still valuable and they’re green dollars still spends even if racist folks try to hurt them!

The program director posted a video that captured the worker admitting she kicked the girls out, but she explained that she didn’t believe that their chaperone was actually a chaperone.

People commented on the incident

Despite the shop employee’s excuse, the girls were still shaken by the situation, wondering what they did to deserve such treatment. Nonetheless, after the trip, Barrett wrote that “the racist lady didn’t win,” saying her “princesses left with poise.”

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