Cheeky Duchess! Meghan Markle Was Harshly Denounced For Flashing Her Bra At Friend's Wedding

Date August 7, 2018

The Duchess of Sussex has been hailed as one of the most stylish people of 2018. Many royal watchers look forward to her next appearance to spot what she chose to wear.


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Meghan’s recent arrival marked a milestone for the new member of the royal family. On August 4, the duchess joined her husband to celebrate his close friend’s wedding. The day also marked Meghan’s 37th birthday – the first birthday in her new regal role.

The American beauty appeared in a gorgeous Club Monaco’s dress, which looked stunning on her figure. However, a little wardrobe malfunction turned the words of praises into the words of criticism when the duchess accidentally flashed her bra.

Was it accidental or not?

At Charlie van Straubenzee’s wedding, every guest looked happy and delighted. One of those guests were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who seemed like they were enjoying themselves.

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Of course, Meghan looked gorgeous and her pictures were an absolute delight to look at. However, one sneaky photographer managed to catch a moment when the top button of Meghan’s dress appeared unbuttoned and showed a tiny bit of her lacy bra.

Obviously, people noticed. And yes, there was a lot of judgment involved. Some even suggested Meghan did it on purpose!

Meghan’s fans came to rescue

Some of the royal watchers decided to defend the duchess.

While Meghan is probably dealing with much bigger issues, it doesn’t mean she has to face such criticism for simply wearing underwear. What do you think?

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