Happy Birthday To Amazingly Talented Chicago Fire Star Miranda Rae Mayo!

Date August 15, 2018

Miranda Rae Mayo celebrated another milestone as she turned 28 on August 14. She has had another busy year portraying our favorite tough as nails firefighter Stella Kidd, so let's celebrate the amazing actress.


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Miranda Rae Mayo’s bio

Miranda is a popular TV actress mainly known for her roles as Lacey Briggs on soap opera 'Blood & Oil' and Stella Kidd on action-drama 'Chicago Fire'.


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California born and raised, Mayo began her acting career when she was studying in high school. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams and started off as a model before making her TV debut.


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She began with guest appearances on the shows like 'Law & Order', 'The Game', and 'Pretty Little Liars'. In 2015, she received a first serious regular role in ABC’s 'Blood & Oil' where she played Lacey Briggs, the daughter of oil tycoon Hap Briggs played by Don Johnson. Next years, she joined the cast of 'Chicago Fire' portraying a new firefighter, Stella Kidd.


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Stella is a very interesting role to play, known for her tough character and tumultuous love life. We have been enjoying discovering new sides to her and watching her trying to sort herself out.

Fans and colleagues sent their congratulations

Mayo’s co-star Kara Kilmer posted a special tribute to Miranda for her birthday.


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She captioned the photo with:

These are facts: This model/actress/activist/guru/gangsta is my friend and co-worker. It is her birthday. She is equal parts selflessness, fierceness, and delight. She is loved by me. She is @msmayoalldayo.

Such sweet words!


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Miranda’s fans were quick to congratulate their favorite star as well.