Melanie Griffith Revealed Why She Is Swearing Off Marriage After Four Divorces: “Why Even Get Married?”

Date August 15, 2018 12:27

After splitting up with Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith was clear about her feelings. In her interview with People, she revealed that she has a mixed standpoint about single life. The actress commented:

I'm single, and lonely, and bored, and confused, but then at the same time, totally curious. It's almost like I have to throw myself out of the nest.


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But with 4 marriages under her belt, it seems that saying “I do” is not in Griffith’s plans anymore.

Marriage history

The Working Girl actress met her first husband, fellow actor Don Johnson when she was 14 years old. Johnson was 23 at that time. Next year they moved in and got married in 1976 when Melanie was 18. The couple divorced in July of the same year.


Then, Melanie married another actor Steven Bauer in 1981 and divorced him 8 years later. After her second divorce, Griffith married Don Johnson again and welcomed a daughter, Dakota.


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But Melanie and Don’s love wasn’t meant to last as they divorced again in 1996. Then, the lovable actress met with Antonio Banderas.


Their marriage lasted for 18 years, but it ended in divorce. Despite all that relationship drama, Melanie says she loves all three of her husbands and claims that they are “very close.”

 “Why Even Get Married?”

After three husbands, four marriages, and four divorces, the 61-year-old actress doesn’t see herself as a bride. In the interview to InStyle, she revealed that marriage is not “relevant” anymore:

I really don’t think it’s relevant for anyone anymore. But especially if you’re 60 and you have four kids and you’re living the life you’ve always wanted. Then why get married?


But she admits she tries to find love, even though she refuses to use dating apps, calling Tinder “tacky”:

It’s like, I would love to fall in love and have a romance, a relationship, but I haven’t. I keep looking. I’ve had a couple of lovers but not a relationship.

People’s reactions to Melanie’s words

Perhaps, after having such a tumultuous love life, it’s nice to have it on a “quiet mode” at least for some time.

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