Mister Cutie! Chrissy Teigen And John Legend's Son Miles Melts Hearts As He Pulls Funny Faces For The Camera

Date August 3, 2018

Chrissy Teigen likes to delight her fans with new adorable photos and videos of her baby son Miles. The little one has become an Instagram star thanks to his loving parents who just can’t get enough of how cute their son looks.

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And we can’t argue with them! Miles certainly takes after his model mom as he is one of the most photogenic babies we’ve ever seen!

The little one will definitely break many hearts in the future with that charming smile.

The adorable video

If you thought those photos are cute, take a look at the recent video Teigen posted on her Twitter. The 32-year-old managed to capture her 2-months-old son trying to sing a little tune. What can we say, he is his father’s son.

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Those big brown eyes and a crinkled nose have melted many hearts, including ours. In the video, Miles is sporting a stylish black-and-white onesie, which makes him look even cuter. The model followed up the sweet tweet with a gif from a cartoon Family Guy, which jokingly reads, "Look at my kids!"

People can’t stop praising the little internet star

People flooded the comment section with the words of praise, saying what we all already know – Miles is adorable. He is only 2-months-old, but he already has lots of fans all over the world. We can’t wait to catch another glimpse at the cute baby boy!

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