Omarosa Manigault Reveals President Trump Uses Tanning Bed Every Morning So He ‘Looks Good’ All Day

Date August 15, 2018 15:28

On August 14, the fired White House aid, Omarosa Manigault, released a book titled "Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House” filled with juicy details of President Trump’s life.


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Previously, Mr. Trump called his former aid a “lowlife” so this might be the best response to his bitter comment.

Tanning bed every day?

According to USToday, in the “Unhinged" Omarosa revealed an interesting detail about the current American President. She claims that he uses a tanning bed every day. Manigault wrote:

He prefers to do it in the morning so he ‘looks good’ all day.

She reveals that the bed can be found in Trump’s private residence. Manigault also took another jab at the President by saying that the tanning bed sometimes is Trump’s only company as his wife, Melania, sleeps in a separate room.


She also mentioned that one of the reasons chief usher Angella Reid was fired in 2017 was due to her inability to transfer the tanning bed correctly.


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The former aid went on slamming Mr. Trump even more, commenting on his dietary habits and calling him “clearly obese.” In fact, according to Omarosa, he has a special button in his office which he presses every time he wants a soda and that happens eight times a day “at least.”

Twitter users reacted on Manigault’s claims

Now, we can only wait for how the President will decide to respond to Omarosa’s hurtful words.

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