Paul Burrell Warns Meghan Markle Claiming She Will Struggle With Life As A Royal: 'She Should Be Careful What She Wishes For'

Date August 7, 2018

Princess Diana’s formal butler, Paul Burrell, is trying to get at least a tiny piece of the royal family cake. During the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding he tried to enter St. George’s Chapel without the invitation but was turned out by security. Obviously, he is not welcomed by the royals. However, it doesn’t prevent him from speaking about them.

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Recently, Mr. Burrell had an interview with Yahoo News, where he talked about Meghan Markle and her role in the royal family.

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Paul Burrell strikes again

It seems that the 60-year-old former butler has an opinion about every member of the royal family, and he is not afraid to voice it. During his recent interview, Mr. Burrell didn’t hold back when he discussed the new royal – Meghan Markle.


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He started by saying that Meghan has landed herself the biggest role in her life and warned the new Duchess about her goals, saying:

I think, yes she did want to be famous, she's got everything that she wanted, but I [also] think "be careful what you wish for" because sometimes it's not all that it seems.

The butler’s predictions

Mr. Burrell also voiced his opinion about when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might have children, which is, according to him, will happen within the first year of their marriage.

Time is marching on and Harry does want a family. I think there's not much time left for Meghan. She's got to get on with it. Two [children] would be enough for Harry.

People’s thoughts on Burrell’s opinion

Whether the former butler’s predictions will come true or not, the time will show. But the only thing we can be certain about is that this is not the last time we hear Mr. Burrell speak about the royal family.

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