Princess Diana Used Needles In Her Ears Which She Hid Under The Hair To Help Her Calm Down The Nerves, A New Book Reveals

Date September 28, 2018

Despite losing her HRH title after divorcing Prince Charles, Lady Di will always be the People’s Princess in the hearts of her loyal followers.


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Even after her untimely death, she is still considered to be a role model for many girls all over the world. When Diana joined the royal family, she broke the barriers between the royals and commoners for which many dubbed her as the 'Queen of people’s hearts'. But not many knew that Lady Di had her own little quirks.

A needles’ fan

A 2013 book that gives an insight into Princess Diana’s life reveals a peculiar detail about her. As it turns out, she was a big fan of an alternative therapy – acupuncture. It is a form of alternative Chinese medicine which involves inserting thin needles into specific areas in the human body.


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Prince Charles’ former wife admitted that this type of therapy helped her to relax and find peace. She said that in her position she couldn’t let the panic to take over.


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Sometimes, the predilection for using needles came to an absurd level. When in 1997 the auction house Christie’s organized the sale of 79 dresses that belonged to Diana, she was so nervous that she went to the event with needles in her ears. Diana asked her hairstylist, Natalie Simons, to do her hair in such a way she would be able to hide the needles.


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Princess’ tricks

Princess of Wales used many tricks when making a public appearance. For example, she was often spotted with small clutch bags, holding them close to her chest.


As it turns out, they were not just simple accessories. She used them to cover her breasts when getting out of the car. What a clever trick!

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