Princess Eugenie Will Break Royal Traditions With Wedding Dress Which Will Be ‘Very Different’ To Meghan’s, Claims Style Expert

Date August 9, 2018

Royal weddings are extremely exciting not only for the royal family but for the rest of the world as well. The next princess who is set to tie the knot is the Duchess of York’s daughter Princess Eugenie. She will marry her partner, Jack Brooksbank, in October.


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Surely, Princess Eugenie’s wedding will not be the same as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ was, but it will still be grand. She is the Queen’s granddaughter after all and, according to a historian Christopher Wilson, she deserves to have glorious nuptials.


But the main question, which tickles the mind of many women and some men, remains – what will princess Eugenie wear on her wedding day? A personal stylist believes there might be a break in the royal tradition waiting for us.

“Very different” wedding dress

Anna Mewes, a personal stylist, thinks Princess Eugenie might choose something we’ve never seen before in the royal history. She told

Princess Eugenie is known for breaking Royal traditions when it comes to dressing and I imagine she will do the same when it comes to her wedding dress. I expect her dress will be very different to the styles Kate and Meghan chose for their own weddings.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex wore wedding gowns that represented their personal style. Kate chose a very classy corseted dress by Alexander McQueen while Meghan took a liking of a very simple gown with a looser fit by Givenchy.



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Mewes believes Princess Eugenie’s dress will be with a cinched-in waist and will feature some embroidery or texture, like lace.


Royal wedding dresses always stun no matter what style they are made in. But we are certain Eugenie will choose something worthy of a princess.

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