What Kate Middleton And Prince William's Signatures Say About Their Marriage? Expert Reveals The Truth

Date August 10, 2018 17:57

The relationship inside the royal couples might be one of the most interesting subjects to discuss for royal watchers. Many body language and handwriting experts are trying to decipher what is going on in their household.


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The most hard-to-read royal couple is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They rarely break traditions and almost never show any PDA towards each other, comparing to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But there are still some clues that can be picked up by the eagle-eyed experts.

What does the body language say?

Some of the photos show that Kate and William synchronize their movements, which according to a body language expert Blanca Cobb, means they are emotionally in sync.


Others demonstrate that the two lean into one another, which indicates they are attracted to each other.

What do their signatures mean?

But what do the Duke and Duchess’ signatures can tell about their marriage? Michelle Dresbold, a handwriting expert and author, says Kate’s signature exudes confidence. It also suggests she likes to set goals and achieve them.


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Prince William’s handwriting says he doesn’t want people to know much about him. It also shows he is very loyal and extremely intelligent.


When putting their signatures side by side, it becomes clear that the two complement each other and work as a team. Dresbold suggests:

She writes bigger and his handwriting is more withdrawn. She embraces the attention and he doesn't mind it. He wants to be loyal and let her shine.

We can say for sure that the Duchess definitely does shine whenever she appears in public.

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