What Kind Of Mother Her Majesty Is? Body Language Expert Analyzes The Queen's Relationship With Her Children

Date July 24, 2018 18:07

It seems that there is hardly anything that can hide from the eyes of social media, especially when it comes to the British royal family. The royal watchers notice every move, every look, every smile and are quick to interpret it.


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The royals are obviously not your usual family as they are guided by a strict protocol with millions of rules written in it. With these rules, it’s hard to tell how they actually feel towards each other. However, the body language experts do their job really well as they analyze the royals’ behavior to help us have at least a little understanding of their relationship.

This time, they gave us a little glimpse into what kind of mother the Queen is and what kind of relationship she has with her four children.

Prince Charles


The Queen’s firstborn undoubtedly has a special relationship with his mother. Human behavioral expert and author Susan Constantine describes their relationship as “fun and playful.”

While the future king has to follow the royal protocol when it comes to interactions with his mother, Constantine thinks there is a level of intimacy between them, they are very connected with each other. The way Prince Charles is looking at his mother shows only one thing – love.

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Princess Ann


According to Constantine, when looking at the pictures of the Queen and her only daughter, it’s hard to say that they are even related. The distance between the two is visible. Even when they are holding hands, their bodies stay apart, says Susan.

They are close, but not that close.

Prince Andrew


Prince Andrew is clearly his mother’s biggest fan. The way he behaves around her shows respect and admiration. However, there is an air of nervousness coming from the photos when the two are together.

But despite that, they are in sync and it’s obvious that Prince Andrew cares about his royal mother as he wants to be closer to her, even though he can’t.

Prince Edward


Constantine claims it’s very easy to tell what kind of relationship Prince Edward has with his mother.

Her body language is screaming, 'that's my baby!

The Queen’s precious little boy also takes up after her as he seems quite reserved, just like her.

Final words

We can say for sure that the Queen is not like any other mother. The royal protocol requires her to be slightly distant from her children with a minimum expression of affection. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them. She just has to show her love without a physical touch.

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