Who Is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s Aristocrat Sister Annabel Elliot?

Date July 2, 2018

It seems that we know a lot about Duchess Camilla. Since she married Prince Charles in 2005, which have caused quite a stir among the British public, her whole life was on display.


But there still isn’t much known about her family, especially about her aristocrat sister. Let’s find out a little bit more apropos Annabel Elliot.

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Early Life

Camilla has a younger sister, Annabel Elliot. She also had a younger brother, Mark Shand, who passed away in 2014. The Duchess and her siblings grew up on a large country estate in Plumpton, Sussex, with their parents, a successful wine merchant Major Bruce Shand and his wife Rosalind Cubitt, the daughter of Roland Cubitt, 3rd Baron Ashcombe.


Young Camilla and her siblings were educated in England, Switzerland, and France and socialized with members of Britain's royal circles.

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Annabel Elliot

Annabel is an interior designer, who has been a shop owner in Dorset for 30 years. She also has quite a posh hobby, which is collecting antiques. Camilla’s sister has designed many cottages, some of them can be seen in Wales. In 2014, she was named fifth most influential female interior designer in Britain.


Prince Charles also hired his sister-in-law as the chief interior designer of his estates in the Duchy of Cornwall. The estate is quite big and believed to be worth £647 million. It was created specifically for the male heir of the monarch to inherit.


Even though Annabel is not very known to the public, she can be often spotted among the royals. The aristocrat is married to a landowner, Simon Elliot, with whom she raises three children.


Camilla has 2 children of her own from her first marriage, as well as being a stepmother to Harry and William.

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