Will Meghan Markle Give Up Her ‘Feminist Principles’ Because Of Her New Royal Role? Body Language Expert Reveals The Answer

Date November 16, 2018

Duchess Meghan perhaps is the only out-spoken royal feminist. Becoming a part of the family which breathes tradition might look like a challenge for the American beauty, but she managed to change some of the old rules. However, many people still wonder whether Meghan’s fight for women rights is over after she became The Duchess of Sussex.

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A body language expert Judi James revealed her opinion after analyzing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s photos from their appearance at Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition.


Does the body lie?

Judi James shared her professional opinion with, saying that the newlyweds have become a “power couple.”

This body language between Harry and Meghan might well define their status as a global power couple in the future but it also emphasizes the strong bonds of love between them as newlyweds.


But is Meghan jeopardizing her status as a feminist for her new role as a wife to the prince?


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James thinks she stayed true to herself, which shows in her tactile side. She is trying to find her way between the many royal protocol’s restrictions, but she doesn’t seem to compromise her feminist principles.


Despite Judi’s words, during their time at Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition, it looked like Meghan had slightly changed her tune as she didn’t show as much affection to her husband as usual.


After being accused of showing too much PDA, perhaps it was the right road to follow, but does this mean the feminist Meghan lost herself in Duchess Meghan? What do you think?

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