Meghan Markle Won't Come "Anywhere Near" Princess Diana, Claims Paparazzi Photographer. But Why?

Date July 25, 2018 18:11

Many people in the publishing world know who Darryn Lyons is. He is a veteran paparazzo with a long career behind his back. Recently, he has claimed he has photographs of the crash, in which Princess Diana was killed, but he assures he will not make them public.


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Lyons also shared his opinion on whether Duchess of Sussex will ever become the second Princess Diana.


Meghan’s aspirations

According to the paparazzo, Duchess Meghan should forget her dreams of taking Princess Diana’s role, as she will not come “anywhere near” Prince Harry’s mother.


Mr. Lyons believes Princess Diana knew how to manipulate the media. During his interview with Talkradio he stated:

She was a great lady, and she loved manipulating and using us guys, in the media. And she knew about the power of the media. She was the first pop-star Princess and there won’t be anyone that ever comes anywhere near her.


He also claims that Meghan has “aspirations” to be like her, saying:

I know we have recently had a Royal Wedding over here, and I think Meghan probably has aspirations, but I’m sorry, I don’t think you’ll carry your boots to the game, I’m afraid.

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Do people on social media think the same?

Even if Duchess Meghan will never be able to replace Princess Diana, she is certainly popular in her own way. What do you think?

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