Royal Expert Revealed Why Meghan Markle’s "Messy Bun" Is “Strategic”, And She Might Be Breaking Protocol With It


August 23, 2018 11:09 By Fabiosa

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her stylish messy bun. It has become her signature hairstyle that she has been sporting on many occasions.


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The messy bun is her thing. It’s a representation of her style and, perhaps, her character. However, according to expert, for Meghan, it is more than just a hairdo.

The messy bun speaks louder than words

Even though the messy bun breaks the royal protocol, as many royal ladies wear clean and polish hairstyles, it was chosen by Meghan to send specific signals.


Sociologist and image consultant Dr. Anna Akbar said:

I would say it’s no different than distressed or ripped jeans where there’s a sort of strategic messing-up that might make it look old or look cool.


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Akbar is certain that Meghan’s hair is done by professionals, and the duchess is sending signals by wearing it. The former Suits star might be trying to instill "cool" into the royal family with her messy hairdo as well as attempts to establish her own style.


The Duchess of Cambridge’s hairstyle is very different, as she prefers to wear her hair down. She doesn’t often create any hairstyles, but when she does, it always looks elaborate and complicated, yet extremely classy.


Which hairstyle do you prefer?

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